Silent Hill 2 Remake Reappears With New Gameplay Trailer

After over a year of silence without new information, Bloober Team and Konami's upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 has finally reappeared with a new gameplay trailer and launch window. Over the past few months, rumors and reports have continued to suggest that new details on Silent Hill 2 would be shown off quite soon. In fact, those at Bloober Team have indicated as much as well and stated at the start of this month that the marketing push for the remake would begin soon. Fortunately, all of this previous speculation has now proven accurate as Konami finally gave eager fans a new look at Silent Hill 2 this afternoon.

Highlighted during PlayStation's latest State of Play event, a new trailer for Silent Hill 2 premiered. Unlike the original teaser for SH2, this new trailer featured our first look at the remake's updated gameplay. Much of the video centered around showing off the new combat mechanics for the title. Disappointingly, the trailer then wrapped up by confirming that Silent Hill 2 still doesn't have a specified release date or window and it's merely still in development.

You can get a look at the new Silent Hill 2 trailer for yourself here:

As we previously knew, Silent Hill 2 is planned to launch across PlayStation 5 and PC upon its arrival. Fortunately, this is yet another timed exclusive for PlayStation, which means that SH2 will eventually be able to come to other platforms. This exclusivity window for PS5 is only expected to last one year, after which Konami will feasibly be able to bring the horror title to Xbox platforms. Such a plan has yet to be announced in any capacity, but those on Xbox can surely cross their fingers

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the remake appears to be great from the gameplay trailer


Hopefully the remake is as crazy and scary lol