Palworld Crosses 19 Million Players, Steam Sales Top 12 Million

Following the news of over seven million players on Xbox, Pocketpair’s Palworld has exceeded 19 million players in less than two weeks of launch. The developer also revealed that it sold 12 million copies on Steam, its last milestone being over eight million sales.

Palworld is currently in Steam Early Access for PC and Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It features a massive open-world archipelago with over 100 creatures called Pals to collect. Each is usable in combat or to assist at the player’s base with crafting, cooking, building, and more.

As players explore the mysterious land, they’ll happen upon other Faction members, whom they can fight (and even capture to do their bidding). Alpha Pals also exist as Elite foes and can be captured. Check out our review for more details and our thoughts.

Palworld has generated controversy, with accusations of plagiarizing Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company intends to investigate the title and will “take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to Pokemon.”

Meanwhile, Pocketpair’s plans for future updates include PvP, cross-platform play, building improvements and raid bosses. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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holy hell man!!

congrats on getting 19 mil in 2 weeks


Damn man this game really took off !