Enshrouded Joins Palworld Atop Steam Charts

Palworld has been the breakout hit of early 2024. The survival game flew up the Steam sales charts and broke almost every single player count record on the service. However, it's not the only early-access game from the survival genre dominating Steam's sales charts. Developer Keen Games released Enshrouded five days after Palworld went live. While Enshrouded hasn't seen quite as big of an explosion as Pocketpair's monster-catching game, it has been racking up sales at a rate that would be incredibly impressive if it wasn't happening so close to the juggernaut that is Palworld. That said, there's plenty to celebrate with a game still in early access hitting one million copies sold, which is exactly the milestone Enshrouded past earlier today.

Enshrouded Breaks 1 Million Players in 4 Days
Enshrouded hitting this milestone this early is a testament to the quality Keen Games has put into its product from the very jump. Not to take anything away from Palworld, but some of that audience is coming over because of how closely the game resembles Pokemon. Enshrouded doesn't have anything close to a gimmick matching that, so these huge sales numbers are more impressive in some ways.

It's also very impressive that both survival games can stand beside each other on the sales charts when launching so close together. That again speaks to the quality of the early access experience for both Enshrouded and Palworld. If both games weren't relatively polished from the jump, the word of mouth might quickly die out. Instead, this looks like it's only the beginning for both studios.

In fact, Keen Games said as much in its tweet announcing the milestone. The tweet reads, "We're excited to let you know that this is just the beginning for Enshrouded. We are looking forward to continuing the development of the game with your support, aiming to make Enshrouded the best game it can be. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone!"

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both games are doing extremely well fr


Both seem fun even though I won't get around to play them.


Kixa Palworld already being available on xbox helps a lot with the player count being so high. I would love to try Enshrouded once it comes to xbox.

Last time I checked steam charts don't count xbox players so that's irrelevant what you just said


Palworld already being available on xbox helps a lot with the player count being so high. I would love to try Enshrouded once it comes to xbox.


Both games are very enjoyable, but Enshrouded has a weird glitch where its stuck on 60hz, which they have acknowledged which is good.