Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Was Almost On 3 Disks

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's co-director, Motomu Toriyama, has revealed that the game was almost put on three disks due to how "rich" the content in the game is.

From the moment that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was first announced, it's been made clear by Square Enix that it's going to be a much bigger game than Remake ever was thanks to its bigger cast of playable characters, vast open-world, and tons of side content. In fact, it's such a big adventure that it's the first current-gen PS5 game that's on more than one disk.

Being the first PS5 game to require more than one disk is already a mighty feat for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but it was actually almost pushed even further. As pointed out by Twitter user ILovecloti, Rebirth's co-director, Motomu Toriyama, was recently interviewed about the game while on a trip to Taiwan, answering questions about how surprising the game's ending will be and how Zack has been resurrected in this timeline.

Although most of Toriyama's responses are vague to avoid spoilers, he does reveal one very interesting detail about the game. When asked if the player will need to change disks while playing like in the original game, Toriyama responds by saying that won't be necessary because games are now pre-installed before playing.

"No, today's games are pre-installed on the console before playing, so there is no need to change the game. In fact, the content of Rebirth this time is so rich that the production team tried their best to cram it into two UHD BD disks, otherwise it might have become a three-disk package."

He also notes that Rebirth was actually almost a three-disk game and that the production team had to "cram" everything onto two disks because the content is so "rich". Considering what we've heard about Rebirth so far points to it being up to 100 hours long, that does seem likely.

It's not clear if any content had to be removed or cut down from the game in order to hit two disks, but it's clear that there was a lot that had to be optimised and squeezed in. Considering we know we're getting one more game in the Remake trilogy, it'll be interesting to see if it manages to fit onto two disks, or has to be stretched to three. If it's even on PS5, that is...

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geez, a 3 disk game for a new gen nowadays would have been crazy to see fr


Damn I forgot about games having multiple discs growing up !! Lol blast from the past !