Forza Motorsport's upcoming Update will add a new track and more

Developer Turn 10 is getting ready to launch its next free content update for its racing sim reboot Forza Motorsport. Update 5 is due sometime in February and will include, among other things, a new track to try out.

Turn 10 says the new track will be the huge Nürburgring Nordschleife location in Germany. The real version of this track was built back in the 1920s and is 20.8 kilometers (12.9 miles) long.

In a blog post, Turn 10 says:

The Nordschleife is a testament to racing history with a notorious reputation. Legends have been born on this track, while others have suffered tough defeats. With several challenging turns, steep climbs, and long straights – not to mention an elevation of nearly 300 meters – the Nordschleife is the ultimate test of endurance for racers and manufacturers alike.

The new track will be available in both single-player and online modes for Forza Motorsport players

In a separate blog post, Turn 10 also offered a lot of information on the bug fixes and improvements that will be included in Update 5, including a current version of the changelog.

One of the changes is the addition of a Skip Practice option in the Career mode pre-race menu. The update will also have a new save point when racers finish a Practice session.

Earlier this month, Turn 10 said it would be working on improvements for Forza Motorsport in three specific areas: the car progression system, the race regulations, and its AI drivers. In this week's blog post, Turn 10 stated it has begun taking data from other sources to improve the progression system. It added:

For Forza Race Regulations, we have enabled Race Marshals and some content creators the ability to flag in-game incidents for review to help feed changes to the adjudication model that will improve the system.

The development team is also continuing to work on improving the AI drivers in the game. More info on these changes will be revealed "soon" according to Turn 10.

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the only track for it to follow, should be the track to the trash can ffs


Games are so trash can't believe they keep going