Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Gameplay Showcases New Co-op Mode

Nintendo’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake might not be the most high-profile of upcoming releases, but if you were a fan of the Game Boy Advance original, it’s likely a game that you’ve got an eye on. From redone visuals two new worlds to Time Attack and Casual modes, there’s plenty of new things that the remake is bringing to the table- with co-op being another notable one.

In a gameplay clip recently posted on Twitter, Nintendo has offered a glimpse of what the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake’s co-op is going to bring to the table. Two players will be able to take on the game’s puzzle-platforming challenges together, with one playing as Mario and the other as Toad (sorry, Luigi fans). Check out the clip below.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on February 16.

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happy days! remake for the Switch 2 will be so much fun fr


Jeez we don't need more of these remakes my god lol