Wild New Elden Ring Hack is Letting Cheaters Ride on Flying Bugs

One unlucky Elden Ring invader ran into another player using a hack that allowed them to fly around on a bug. Elden Ring is one of FromSoftware’s most successful titles, having won numerous awards, including Best Role-Playing Game in 2022 and even Best Multiplayer at various ceremonies. FromSoftware games are known for their challenging combat and formidable bosses that require players to learn their attack patterns to defeat them successfully.

However, some Elden Ring players often utilize exploits like duplicating items to gain numerous Runes in order to level up quickly and have an easier time. While it is generally accepted by some to use these exploits in the single-player experience, most gamers draw the line at bringing them into the multiplayer aspect of the game, as it would then affect others. The problem is not exclusive to Elden Ring, with almost every FromSoftware title to date having had an issue with hackers ruining multiplayer despite the games having anti-cheat software.

Despite numerous patches to prevent cheating, one Elden Ring player going by the handle LordFleez on Reddit invaded another player’s world only to discover them flying around Liurnia of the Lakes on a bug. The player posted a short video on the Elden Ring subreddit showcasing the hacker approaching and hovering over them on a dragonfly. As the invader begins to prepare their weapon, the exploiter unleashes Placidusax’s Ruin, which also appears to be yet another hack. This hacked version of one of the best Elden Ring Dragon Communion incantations has lower DPS than the legit version and was theorized by others in the Reddit thread that it is meant to juggle players.

A New Elden Ring Hack Has Been Revealed
DLC Must've Released...
byu/LordFleez inEldenring

The video abruptly ends as the player tries to roll out of the way and get their bearings, with the hacker preparing a Glinstone sorcery. While running into cheaters in Elden Ring is often a frustrating experience, most of the subreddit and even the original poster were amused at the run-in. The common sentiment from users in the thread was that they would prefer to come across hackers using these exploits for chaotic reasons. On the other hand, some said that the hacker riding on the bug reminded them of the recently released Palworld, which broke Elden Ring’s concurrent player count on Steam.

Most Soulsborne fans consider the Elden Ring to be FromSoftware at its best, and with a new DLC on the horizon, hacking the game may become harder. With rumors going around that Bandai Namco is gearing up to reveal a Shadow of the Erdtree trailer, players may not have to worry soon, as FromSoftware will more than likely be taking steps to counter hacks in Elden Ring.

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glad they're having on using this hack fr


That's sick. I honestly love mods and hacks like these lol


Incredible how in every single game there are people cheating, it's just sad.