Bloodborne Kart Gets Shut Down by Sony

Bloodborne Kart will be rebranding after Sony reached out to squash any ties to the project. One of the best things about the gaming industry is how creative the fans are. People will make their own art, fan films, and even games based on other properties, sometimes generating massive followings. Even modders have managed to build up extreme hype for their own projects such as people making what are essentially new Fallout games as mods for existing games in the series. Sometimes these people even go on to finish canceled games, save ones that fell apart, or remake fan-favorite ones. The creativity is never ending, but given the sandbox these folks are playing in, it can sometimes result in the companies that own the properties stepping in to protect their IP.

Bloodborne Kart was a new fan project that aimed to use the branding, characters, and general world of the beloved Soulsborne to turn it all into a PS1-era Kart racer. The genre is famously associated with Mario Kart, but tons of brands have done kart racing games from Shrek to Nickelodeon and more. It's a cute idea and fans have been very excited to see the project finally release, however, it is getting a short delay. Sony, the publisher of Bloodborne, has stepped in to ask creator Lilith Walther to scrub the game of the Bloodborne branding. The creator noted that the game would still release, it would just look a bit different and be pushed back as a result of this change. Walther noted that they had expected this to happen at some point. They also noted that no longer trying to walk the line of not upsetting Sony and FromSoftware and making it a totally original project means they get full creative control which is exciting.

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well, was going to be expected if they have similarities


Seems like that was the best move to do !