New James Bond Game Teases "Unseen" Quality of Animation

The new James Bond game, referred to as Project 007, will supposedly push the envelope for animation in gaming. James Bond is one of the most iconic characters in all of fiction. There's a reason he remains relevant after over 50 years and has gotten 25 movies with more on the way. It's a character that people love and has transcended different mediums across literature, film, and of course, gaming. Bond has been apart of some of the best action movies out there, but also has some of the best action games as well with things like Goldeneye and 007 Nightfire. Sadly, Bond hasn't had a new video game in over a decade, completely missing the last generation of consoles and the end of the Daniel Craig era of Bond films.

Thankfully, Hitman developer IO Interactive is hard at work on a new 007 game. The game was announced over 3 years ago and fans determined it to be a match made in Heaven after the Hitman games gave off some 007 vibes. We know next to nothing about the game after all these years, but it will be an original story and feature a new Bond tailor-made for IO's take on the character. However, a new job posting indicates that IO Interactive is doing some mind blowing work on the project. In a new recruitment post for the studio, Senior Gameplay Animator Joshua Andrew Gleaves noted that the team is "pushing Gameplay Animation to something unseen". We have no idea exactly what that means, but it does sound pretty exciting. IO Interactive is known for making third-person games and that will likely continue on Project 007.

James Bond has had first-person and third-person games, but given IO has never made a first-person game it would be strange to see them start with this one, especially when such precious IP is at stake. Gleaves noted they'd be animating Bond and while you still need to animate things like hands for first-person shooters, it does suggest that all this unprecedented animation would make the most sense for a third-person action game.

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would love to see the outcome of this fr


I have still never seen any 007 movie but the games were always fun.