Palworld Devs Share Update on Infinite Loading Screen Problem

Palworld has gotten a few small updates since its monumental release, updates that have patch notes typically focused on bugfixes and addressing issues players have been experiencing. One of the most prevalent bugs that players have been encountering is an issue that causes infinite loading screens which essentially make the game unplayable until something gives. An update released previously was supposed to have addressed that, according to past Palworld patch notes, but Palworld developer Pocketpair is now saying that the bug hasn't actually been fixed, though another update is in the works to hopefully take care of it this time.

Pocketpair has been good about sharing update and announcements across socials since the game's release, but this latest update on the infinite loading screen situation was shared only within the game's Discord channel.

Palworld's Infinite Loading Screen Problem
Whether you refer to it as an infinite loading screen or simply the "black screen" error, the Palworld problem has stuck around. Pocketpair community manager Kei didn't offer a specific timeframe for when the issue would be fixed but guaranteed players that a fix was indeed in the works. The full, verbatim message from Kei can be seen below:

"A new update fixing infinite loading problem had been release, but not all the problems had been solved, please consider as easier to login. Reporting successful login will b very useful for us. On top of that please enjoy your gameplay as usual. We are still investigating other problem, and sorry for the inconvenience! thank you for the patient and happy to have your support!"

In their message, Kei essentially said that the problem was thought to be fixed, but the update that addressed the infinite loading screens only made it easier to login but didn't totally eliminate the bug. Investigations are still underway, and to assist with those, players have been asked to continue reporting loading screen issues as they come across them.

Outside of this investigation into the bug, Pocketpair also shared some of the other features and additions it has coming to Palworld players. A roadmap released this week detailed some of those plans which include PvP as well as totally new Pals, but those new creatures are further along on the roadmap and probably won't be ready for quite awhile. Ahead of the release of whatever forms of PvP Palworld will have, Pocketpair has also stated that it's planning to crack down on cheaters in the game, though it warned Palworld players that stamping out cheating entirely would be challenging.

Amid Pocketpair's investigations into Palworld bugs, The Pokemon Company is doing some investigations of its own. The Pokemon creators issued a statement this week that didn't specifically mention Palword but did say that it would be looking into "another company's game" to investigate the possibility of IP infringement. Palworld is out now for Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can download the latest Palworld Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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geez, can't believe this is happening


Damn that is terrible imagine waiting so long and it's just stuck lol