Apple now allows game streaming apps

Apple has changed its stance on game streaming apps, potentially opening the door for an Xbox Game Pass app on the iOS App Store.

Microsoft launched its cloud streaming service (which was then known as xCloud) in September 2020, but it wasn’t available on iPhone or iPad.

That’s because Apple had blocked the app in August 2020, claiming it didn’t fit within its app guidelines.

Apple’s claim at the time was that because Microsoft wasn’t submitting each individual game to its review process, the app that enables access to those games was being blocked from publishing.

Microsoft responded by alleging that Apple “consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to non-gaming apps even when they include interactive content.”

However, the situation has now changed, according to a statement on Apple’s developer website which says it is now “introducing new options for how apps globally can deliver in-app experiences to users, including streaming games and mini-programs”.

“Developers can now submit a single app with the capability to stream all of the games offered in their catalogue,” the statement says.

Addressing its previous issue – that Apple was unable to review each new game added to a streaming service – the company has now U-turned on that and said the onus is now on the app developer to make sure the content added is appropriate.

“Each experience made available in an app on the App Store will be required to adhere to all App Store Review Guidelines and its host app will need to maintain an age rating of the highest age-rated content included in the app,” it says.

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great to know they're allowing these now


Didn't know it wasn't aloud before hand