Tekken 8 Players Use Customisation To Make Completely New Characters

Tekken 8 players are already making the most of the in-game customisation system, using it to create new characters. Now, instead of waiting for guest fighters to be confirmed, fans are playing as a bunch of characters from other games, with eerily accurate recreations of Bayonetta, Leon Kennedy, Ryu, and many more joining the roster.

The Tekken subreddit is full of these fan-made fighters, customising characters on the base game roster. Without using any mods, players are still able to make some very accurate depictions of characters from other games, even after just 24 hours of having the game in their hands.

I made Leon :)
byu/shmick28 inTekken
Bayonetta Zafina
byu/DavidTenebris inTekken

Some of the most popular characters to recreate in Tekken 8 are from other fighting games, like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

I made Scorpion as Raven
byu/Vilspang inTekken
The answer lies....
byu/Hamzanovic inTekken

Unsurprisingly, many are already using character customisation to add Tifa, who's such a popular request for a guest fighter that director Katsuhiro Harada had to address it. His response? "We all know she is attractive and I understand that. But as yet we have not decided anything about guest characters". Amazing. Oh well, at least we have this.

Tekken 8 customization may not be as good as T6 but I still love it
byu/Yogurt-Secret inTekken

And of course, it isn't a character creator if people don't use it to make Walter White from Breaking Bad. It's a rite of passage for any game with a form of customisation, for some reason, whether it's Street Fighter 6 or Diablo 4. Hell, he was even modded into MultiVersus when that was still live, because why not?

Starring Bryan as Walter White
byu/GJTobi inTekken

Tekken 8 has barely been with us for a day, and we already have all of these unofficial guest fighters, thanks to the fans. We can expect even more to be created as we get into Tekken 8's launch weekend, giving fans a chance to play the first new game in the series since Tekken 7's console release in 2017. We can only imagine how much more accurate these creations will get once modders throw their hats into the ring, playing about with the pre-existing character models.

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great to see you can create your own character fr


Hell yeah I've seen some pretty cool creations so far