Destroy All Humans! Remake Developer Faces Layoffs

We’re still only in January, and 2024 has seen numerous layoffs, from studios like CI Games of Lords of the Fallen fame to bigger companies like Riot Games. The Embracer Group laid off a significant portion of Lost Boys Interactive, part of Gearbox Entertainment, this month after closing 2023 by shutting down Free Radical and reportedly laying off developers 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks.

It now seems Black Forest Games of the Destroy All Humans! remakes is its latest victim. Kotaku reports that on January 24th, 50 people or “roughly” 50 percent of the studio’s workforce, were informed of their layoffs. A source told the website that the studio’s creative directors and most “if not all” the managers would remain employed. With 110 employees reported last year, these numbers would line up.

A subsidiary of THQ Nordic since 2017, Black Forest Games is working on The Last Ronin, an action RPG based on the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It’s unknown if the layoffs will affect the project, which is several years off from launch. Stay tuned for updates in the meantime.

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yeah, it was certainly good timing for them to get those remakes out there before the layoffs


At least they got the remake the classics !!