The Callisto Protocol Developer is Working on a New AAA Game

Striking Distance Studios, the developer of The Callisto Protocol, has started development on its next project, as per a job ad published by the studio.

Spotted by @shinobi602 on Twitter, the studio has a job listing up for the position of lead gameplay animator, in which it confirms that it’s working on “a brand new, unannounced” game. Not much else can be gleaned about the project from the job listing, though it states that it’s being developed on Unreal Engine 5, and will aim to have “dynamic and engaging player and enemy experiences”.

Striking Distance Studios’ debut project, survival horror title The Callisto Protocol, released in December 2022, but was met with lukewarm reception from critics and audiences alike. The game failed to sell to expectations, following which the studio suffered layoffs.

In September, Striking Distance Studios confirmed that co-founder and CEO Glen Schofield was leaving the company amidst a leadership shake-up. He was replaced by Steve Papoutsis.

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would love to see what they have planned fr


I need another great campaign game that's single player only