Skull and Bones Open Beta Set for February 7-11

After years of delays, reboots, and all manner of behind-the-scenes issues, Skull and Bones is finally less than a month away from launch, and ahead of its looming release, Ubisoft is going to allow everyone to test the waters before deciding if you want to fully dive in.

An open beta has been announced for Skull and Bones. From February 7, 6 PM PT to February 11, 3 PM PT, players on all platforms will be able to get a taste of the upcoming multiplayer pirate game, with pre-loading set to becomg available on February 6, 1 AM PT.

The Coast of Africa, the game’s starting region, will be included, as will the Red Isle, where you’ll find the pirate den of Sainte-Anne, a hub location where players will be able to interact with others playing the game, craft weapons, ships, and equipment, store loot, repair ships, sell items, and more.

While the Coast of Africa and the Red Isle were both also included in Skull and Bones’ closed beta in December, the upcoming open beta will also let players explore the Open Seas, and cross over into a new region in the form of the East Indies, where you’ll find the region’s pirate den, Telok Penjarah.

Campaign contracts will be available up until the contract named “Exterminate the Rat”. Additionally, though the open beta’s level cap won’t let you progress beyond the rank of Brigand (Tier 6, Rank 1), players will be allowed to continue exploring and playing. Other content in the beta will include side contracts, repeatable contracts, bounty contracts, and World Events.

The open beta will also allow players to unlock various exclusive rewards, and will come with cross-play and cross-progression enabled. Any progress you make in the beta will also carry over into the full game, should you choose to play it.

Ubisoft recently also revealed post-launch details for Skull and Bones, revealing its plans for the game’s first year, which will include four seasons bringing new World Events, legendary Pirate Lords to battle, and more. Additionally, new details have also been revealed on what to expect from Skull and Bones’ endgame content.

Skull and Bones launches on February 16 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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yeah, once launched, it will still have problems ffs lmao


yay we cant wait to seee what the game is like


Looks like Sea of Thieves is going to have a competitor


Idk why but I felt like I've played this before at some point wtaf


High hopes for this game but expect it'll turn out like every other hyped game in the last two years.