Palworld Broke Its Concurrent Player Record Yet Again

The runaway success of Palworld continues as the game has once again shattered its concurrent player count on Steam with millions of active users. The launch of the mash-up of survival and monster-catching games last week has seen overwhelming popularity, taking the internet by storm and seeing players flock to the game. The newest game from developer Pocket Pair would sell over 7 million copies on Steam within just five days of its launch, also releasing Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass. Now, the game has once again exceeded one of its own records.

The popularity of Palworld has seen plenty of fans draw comparisons between the new game and other popular franchises. The game's titular Pals have been one of its most popular aspects, taking inspiration from franchises like Pokemon with its mix of cute and imposing designs. However, the game goes beyond its monster-catching inspiration and offers a variety of survival game aspects including base-building, a crafting system, and more. Now, players are clearly loving Palworld as the game once again shatters the 2 million concurrent players mark.

A new update from popular Steam aggregate website SteamDB has revealed that Palworld has once again broken its concurrent player record. As of Saturday morning, Palworld saw a staggering 2,099,074 players actively playing the game, later breaking its own record again with 2,101,535 players. The numbers come as the game has already reported over 8 million copies sold within the first week of the game's release. The player counts notably only take into account players on the Steam version of the game, not including Game Pass players.

Palworld Breaks Its Concurrent Player Record Again

While Palworld's overwhelming success as an indie game has seen praise from many fans, the game has also faced repeated backlash. Many critics of the game have accused Pocket Pair of both using AI and directly ripping assets from the Pokemon franchise for its Pals. The Pokemon Company would even release an official statement about Palworld, claiming it intends to "investigate and take appropriate measures" regarding the accusations of theft of intellectual property. The former top lawyer for The Pokemon Company would even go so far as to directly call Palworld a "ripoff."

While The Pokemon Company threatens action against Palworld, developer Pocket Pair has not slowed down, with plenty of updates planned. Pocket Pair recently unveiled its first content roadmap for Palworld, emphasizing online play as its main focus. Some of the features mentioned within the roadmap include overworld PvP, raid bosses, and a special PvP mode for Pal battles among others. Palworld's continued support will look to see the game maintain its momentum from its astoundingly successful launch. Palworld is out now for Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can download the latest Palworld Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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this is certainly going to be GOTY fr


Crazy good numbers, I have to try this game myself.


Yeah this game is going to be huge. And I bet fortnite will collab with it asap