Palworld Creators Cracking Down on Cheaters Ahead of PvP

Coinciding with Palworld's success, Palworld cheats are apparently on the rise, too. Palworld developer Pocketpair acknowledged as much this week by stating that it's aware of cheaters who are acting inappropriately on the game's official servers with actions planned to be taken against those cheaters in the future updates. However, Pocketpair warned that it is "currently difficult" to stamp out cheating altogether, a statement which will most likely become relevant once more whenever PvP is released in the future as Pocketpair works through its roadmap.

The comments from the Palworld creator about cheating in-game came amid other messages shared on Thursday that accompanied an update for Palworld. Unfortunately for those who may have encountered cheaters in their games, the update on cheats was pretty noncommittal in terms of what's actually being done about cheaters aside from a reassurance that patches would address the issue in the future.

Palworld Devs Address Cheaters
Like past announcements, the latest from Palworld's creators was shared within the game's Discord server with identical posts shared on socials right afterwards. The message below was posted on Twitter this week via the official Palworld account:

"Currently, some players have been confirmed to be cheating on the official server," Pocketpair said. "We will apply a patch as soon as it is ready, but it is currently difficult to completely prevent all cheating immediately. We will continue to focus even more on security and aim to create an environment where everyone can play with peace of mind. We sincerely apologize to all players who have been affected by this incident. Thank you for your continued support of Palworld."

Palworld does not appear to have any kind of anti-cheat system in place such as Easy Anti-Cheat which is often seen when booting up games like Elden Ring and Apex Legends. Cheats were not mentioned anywhere on the game's roadmap either, though considering how Pocketpair has now passed statements on the matter, it's likely they've been squeezed somewhere into that roadmap by now.

That roadmap had PvP listed first and foremost as the next big feature to be added, so if that's indeed the timeline Pocketpair has in mind, anti-cheat measures of some sort will be that much more important.

Without an anti-cheat system in place, players have expectedly found ways to get ahead in the game through different exploits and programs. We won't go into detail about those here, but it's clear from seeing conversations online that players have already developed their methods. Given how the game is so new and that there's really no precedent for punishments against cheating in Palworld, it's unclear what'll happen to those who are found to be cheating whether that be individual rollbacks or outright bans for bad actors.

While not at all the same as cheats, mods for Palworld have already become quite common, too. Most of them are agreeable enough in the eyes of major modding sites like Nexus Mods, but don't expect to find any Pokemon mods hosted on those bigger platforms, especially now that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have officially taken an interest in Palworld.

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Reidso why would anyone want to cheat on a fun playing game like this?

oh wait... because they're idiots!

Idk, people who don't have all day every day to grind, just makes life a tad easier haha


why would anyone want to cheat on a fun playing game like this?

oh wait... because they're idiots!


It's crazy how this game just released and people are already cheating, sad.


Wouldn't think there would be cheaters on this game. Wonder if it's just god mode or what


glad they are acting quickly to these actions!