When Is Palworld Adding PvP, and How Will It Work?

Palworld didn't launch with PvP in place so that players could battle against one another, though the lack of that feature apparently did little to stand in the way of the game's success so far. But regardless of how successful it's been already, players are already amassing their Pals and arming them to tooth and claw with guns and other offensive measures in hopes of one day engaging in PvP battles. So, if it's not ready now, when will PvP actually be implemented, and what form might it take whenever Palworld developer Pocketpair does add it?

The answer to the first question isn't so clear since Pocketpair hasn't yet shared an official roadmap showing what it's working on next and when new features will be added, but on the topic of how PvP will be implemented, we at least know where Palworld boss Takuro Mizobe is looking thanks to a new interview.

Where is PvP in Palworld?
During an interview with Japanese outlet Automation, Mizobe, the CEO of Palworld developer Pocketpair, was asked where he felt the game was in terms of its development. For reference, Palworld is only in early access, so there's much more to do.

Mizobe said that he felt the game was "about 60% complete" right now. He didn't say exactly when PvP would be implemented, but in his explanation about having a better understanding of what Palworld should be compared to Pocketpair's Craftopia, it sounds like PvP is a top priority and is something that the team is looking at right now.

"On the other hand, we knew what kind of game Palworld was," he said (translated via DeepL). "It is a game about collecting pals, defeating bosses, and survival crafting. Now it's a matter of how we will incorporate PvP into it and how much new content we will bring out. We are ready to incorporate new features, and we will prioritize the features that everyone wants based on user response."

What Will Palworld PvP Be Like?
Later in the interview, Mizobe was asked what kind of PvP formats were being considered for Palworld. The CEO first talked about how PvP is "a game of perfection" and acknowledged how quickly people can exit a PvP game if it's not refined. He put forward two different styles of PvP that Pocketpair is currently evaluating.

"First of all, there are two types of fighting patterns: one in which pals fight alone, and the other in which pals and humans fight as a set. As a larger structure, we can think of a variety of ways, such as a competition format in an arena-like setting, or a format in which the entire map can be freely contested in real time," he said. "In the arena format, Palworld is an action game, so I think that real-time action battles would be the first thing that users would imagine. On the other hand, we are actually envisioning an asynchronous battle pattern in which pals fight each other automatically. There are a lot of technical things to be discussed, but we are also considering such a pattern, since it would lower the threshold for casual PvP if palms are registered in the arena and users can freely select palms to fight."

Palworld only just launched this past weekend, so in time, we should get a better idea from Pocketpair regarding how and when PvP will be implemented.

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