RPG Dev Piranha Bytes Struggling to Find a Publisher for Next Game

Elex, Gothic, and Risen team Piranha Bytes has taken to Twitter to share the news it's currently trying to find a publisher for its next game as it works through a "difficult situation". The statement comes after speculation the developer had been shut down following further cuts at the Embracer Group. This doesn't quite seem to be the case following Piranha Byte's latest comments, but the studio certainly appears to be struggling.

"Yes, it's true. We, Piranha Bytes, are in a difficult situation," the Twitter post reads. It continues: "There are a lot of news about us circulating right now and this is our answer: Don't write us off yet!" The statement goes on to state the studio is "convinced that we will succeed" as it does "whatever it takes to find a partner for this [upcoming] project." Piranha Bytes will share any news and updates as soon as it's able to.

Studios like Free Radical (TimeSplitters) and Volition (Saints Row) were shut down throughout the second half of 2023, and others such as Gearbox (Borderlands) were hit with layoffs. Around 900 people lost their jobs at the Embracer Group in the past six months, and recent reporting suggested Piranha Bytes was going to fall next. While the developer's games aren't always received well critically, it has a committed following that appreciates the type of RPGs the studio creates.

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Source: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2024/01/rpg-dev-piranha-bytes-struggling-to-find-a-publisher-for-next-game


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they should become their own publisher :wink:


We just get way to many crap games anymore there needs to be a ram QC lol