Palworld Crosses 5 Million Copies Sold

Not even a day after announcing that Palworld sold over four million copies, Pocketpair has announced the survival crafting title has crossed five million sales. It achieved this three days after launching on January 19th for Xbox Series X/S and PC in early access.

Its player counts are also exceptional, with a peak concurrent total of 1,291,967 on Steam alone (overtaking Cyberpunk 2077’s peak). With the developer reporting 86,000 units sold per hour, likely higher since the last milestone, Palworld could cross six million sales tomorrow. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

Head here for more details on Palworld and what you should know before jumping in. You can also check out our review – we awarded the game a 7 out 10, praising the presentation, world design and addictive gameplay while criticizing the task automation of Pals and some combat aspects. There will be updates throughout its early access period, so stay tuned for more content and features.

Palworld is out now for Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can download the latest Palworld Cheats and trainers for free from WeMod.

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game looks amazing

watched some gameplay, and it certainly is fun


games does look pretty great so far!


Congrats to them on 5 million sold so far.