Bethesda is already promising more Starfield changes after patch

Starfield's biggest update yet arrived this week, and players wasted no time responding to the extensive patch notes with their own list of requests for future updates. Bethesda has since responded to a bunch of those new requests, confirming a whole laundry list of additional fixes still to come.

In the main Reddit thread discussing the Starfield patch notes released *checks notes* yesterday, hundreds of commenters debate what could be done to further improve Bethesda's spacefaring RPG. In the top reply, a Bethesda spokesperson collates a list of player requests and responds to each one in kind, clarifying the studio's stance and providing answers as to whether or not they're in consideration, in active development, ready to deploy with the next patch, or none of the above.

For example, one Reddit user replied to the patch notes with: "And still no apartment fix for New Atlantis?" They're seemingly referring to a bug that can cause you to lose all of your stuff. Bethesda responded:

"Hi - just wanted to confirm it is on our radar and the team is working on a fix. It's related to quests that change the environment in New Atlantis, such as 'High Price to Pay' or 'Eyewitness'. Until the team has a fix, we recommend waiting to decorate or store items in your New Atlantis penthouse until after you have completed the quests mentioned above."

Another commenter asked if "the Ryujin quest Sabotage is still broken," to which Bethesda replied:"This fix is planned for a future update. It won't be fixed in this one but it's actively being looked into."

"Was the feature with all items moving to the cargo bay even when you add a single hab fixed?" asked another Redditor. "There isn't much point in decorating or displaying items in the ship when everything moves to the bay on a single change."

"Hey, this is something the team are actively working on right now, we'll update you when we have it locked in!" Bethesda told them.

And so forth. Not all responses from Bethesda were positive confirmations that a fix is incoming. In some cases, the spokesperson requested more information, and in one instance, they took to the studio's defense when asked why it sometimes takes the developers longer to implement official fixes than it does for modders to come up with their own solutions.

"Official fixes and content additions have to go through lengthy certification and localization processes, especially for consoles (which is why the beta is only available for Steam users)," they said. "There is also the fact that, because of this, fixes are best bundled into larger consolidated updates that target branch milestones, rather than releasing them ad hoc. It also ensures better build testing when the new code is all together."

Of course, Bethesda has made it crystal clear that it's nowhere near done with Starfield, recently revealing that new updates will hit the game "roughly every six weeks" starting in February with "a major update." The first story expansion - titled Shattered Space - is also expected sometime early this year.

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the game can certainly do with more DLC


Game has already ran its life span I feel like lol