FF7 Rebirth isn’t Bringing Back the Snowboarding Minigame

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is promising to be a massive experience, and while a significant portion of its optional content is obviously going to be focused on characters and storytelling (what with its Witcher 3 inspirations), there will, of course, be plenty of minigames for players to dive into as well.

In a recent rapid fire interview with Game Informer, director Naoki Hamaguchi was asked about several minigames, and he revealed some new tidbits in the process. For starters, Hamaguchi confirmed that the snowboarding minigame from the original Final Fantasy 7 isn’t returning, so don’t go looking for it at Icicle Inn or Gold Saucer.

One minigame that is returning is the CPR minigame, though apparently, it won’t be reappearing exactly as you might remember it. Speaking about it, Hamaguchi said, “We changed it slightly, so please stay tuned.”

During the interview, Hamaguchi said that the new Queen’s Blood card game is his personal favourite minigame in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Meanwhile, when asked about which minigame in the action RPG has been most improved from its original incarnation, Hamaguchi mentioned chocobo racing. “We’ve adapted the chocobo race into a very modern racing game, so that’s quite a big difference from the original.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches on February 29 for PS5.

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darn!! I wanted to play the snowboarding minigame fr ffs


I'm sure this will have some players let down