Diablo 4 Developer Confirms Exciting Feature For Season 3

Diablo 4 has confirmed that its new robot companion will scale 1:1 with players' stats. Diablo 4 Season 2 is in its final days, and players are now getting ready to welcome the next season and its content.

Named Season of Construct, Diablo 4 Season 3 comes with several additions. The main one is the debut of the new antagonist Malphas, a powerful demon who, together with his army, plans to take over the Sanctuary. Promising new challenges, Diablo 4 will feature the Vaults, a new dungeon with elemental Hazards, and the Construct, an enemy that appears in different forms. Six new Uniques will arrive with the new season, and Diablo 4 revealed two of these Uniques while highlighting their potential for Sorcerers and Druids. Another new feature coming with the Season of Construct is the addition of the AI-controlled robot Seneschal Companion. And to add extra hype, Diablo 4 confirmed that this ally will be very useful thanks to an exciting feature.

Diablo 4 class designer Season White confirmed that the companion robot will scale 1:1 with players' stats. On Twitter, White explained how the game's new addition will work, saying that "the players' attack rating and critical will be the same as the robot's." When asked if this scaling will apply to Aspects, damage buffs from Diablo 4 Unique items, or Paragon Nodes, he confirmed that the robot will inherit the raw stat increase and the damage bonus effect. White did clarify that the Seneschal Companion won't proc the passive effects of Legendary items, Paragon, etc., such as "having a % chance to summon a fireball," but it still sounds quite useful.

The Seneschal Companion will be available during the Seasonal Questline of Diablo 4 Season 3. Each player will acquire a robot that will engage directly in combat or help on the sidelines. Using magical Governing and Tuning Stones, players can adjust the robot to suit their character's build. Diablo 4 will introduce 12 Governing Stones, of which players can equip two to determine the Seneschal's attacks. There will be 27 Tuning Stones that players can pick six to amplify their abilities and provide utility to their new companions.

After a tough Season 1 and a well-received second season that made Diablo 4 a faster-paced game, Season 3 aims to continue the game's upwards swing. The introduction of the Seneschal robot is an example of this, as it gives Diablo 4 players a traditional RPG gameplay element complete with the franchise's dark fantasy twist. Alongside the other content and improvements meant to optimize the player experience, players will have plenty to enjoy over the next few months as they await Diablo 4's first expansion.

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certainly sound like a very exciting feature fr


Haven't gotten around to play it yet but I know it's a fun game.