Starfield Patch Finally Fixes Softlocked Quests

Starfield's latest patch, update, addresses multiple areas of the game, ranging from performance improvements, to making sure quests aren't softlocking.

The update is only available in Steam Beta right now, so anyone on console will have to wait until the patch goes live everywhere else in two weeks time. However, if you're on PC, you will be able to install it now, making the most of its fixes that should make several side quests completable for the first time since launch.

"This update brings over a hundred fixes and adjustments, most of which focus on quality-of-life improvements and quest fixes," read the patch notes. Bethesda also says that the next big update should be with us in six weeks' time, so that's how long you'll have to wait if an issue you've encountered isn't addressed here.

There are far too many fixes to go over here, but they cover almost every aspect of the game, with improvements made to the graphics, performance, items, enemies, companions, customization, and quests. The latter might be the most significant area that's addressed here, as players had reported that multiple side quests had become impossible to complete on their saves.

Since this was perhaps the most noteworthy issue facing Starfield after launch, here are just some of the quests and encounters that have been fixed:

Absolute Power
Background Checks
Derelict Ship
Drinks on the House
Echoes of the Past
Eye of the Storm
Executive Level
Failure to Communicate
Further Into the Unknown

There's a ton more in the patch notes, so take a look if something you'd gotten stuck on wasn't mentioned here.

Perhaps one of the most shocking fixes though is that bugged creatures will no longer be invisible. Turns out, many players had assumed this one was on purpose. So, if you ever found yourself fending off a creature you couldn't see, it was actually a bug all along.

On the whole, while players are pleased to be able to complete the missions that they thought they'd be locked out of indefinitely, some wish that the patch went further. Some are critical of the decision to focus so much of the update on visual improvements since players are reporting issues with skills not working as intended, something many feel is more important. It remains to be seen when these are addressed.

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