Avowed gameplay footage shows combat and environments

Obisidian has shown off new gameplay footage from its upcoming game Avowed.

Shown during today’s Microsoft and Bethesda Developer Direct, the new footage – which can be seen embedded above or on the Obsidian YouTube channel – included a closer look at the game’s combat system.

Players can choose between a variety of weapons, from standard swords and shields to guns or magic wands.

The footage also shows how players can mix their weapons for a wider range of attacks. For example, they can freeze their enemies then use a sword to shatter them.

As well as the combat, the video also shows how the dialogue system works, and also gives players a look at some of the environments in the game.

The video also states that the game is now set to be released in Fall 2024.

Avowed is set in the same universe as Obsidian‘s previous RPG, Pillars of Eternity.

“Expanding the universe that we created for the original Pillars of Eternity games, Avowed brings a new perspective, a new way to fight, and a new land to explore in the world of Eora,” Obsidian studio head Feargus Urquhart told Xbox Wire last year.

“The Pillars games are near and dear to us and we can’t wait to share Avowed with everyone next year.

“In Avowed, you’ll explore the Living Lands, a plagued, wild island set in the world of Eora. The Living Lands are full of mysteries and secrets, danger and adventure, and choice and consequences.”

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certainly does look amazing

can't wait until fall fr


Hell yeah going to be a great game