Microsoft CEO Hints at Multiplatform Releases by Xbox

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the latest company executive to hint at releasing select Xbox games on PlayStation in the future. Last November, it was CFO Tim Stuart who suggested that going multiplatform is part of the company’s vision, following which rumors emerged that Microsoft is considering bringing Sea of Thieves to PlayStation.

Microsoft wants Xbox to be a “good” games publisher on Sony and Nintendo
In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Nadella said that with the Activision Blizzard deal coming to a close, Microsoft has a chance to become a “good” publisher on both Sony and Nintendo. Separately, Nadella was quizzed about the future of Xbox in light of news that Microsoft’s market value has surpassed that of Apple’s, to which he said that Microsoft wants to build and release games across all platforms.

“We think that now we have the ability to do what we’ve always set out to do, which is build great games and deliver them to folks across all platforms,” Nadella said, listing “Xbox and consoles,” PC, mobile, and cloud as target platforms. “We want to do our very best in gaming — it’s a core business for us,” Nadella added before changing topics and moving on to AI.

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have to rely on AI nowadays to get their tasks done ffs


Only way is up for xbox years on front


I'm mean Yeah cuz they can't make a good exclusive anyways lmao