Quake 6 Might Have Been Secretly Teased In Xbox's Developer Direct

Xbox gave fans a good look at what we can expect to be playing over the next year, with deep dives into titles such as Hellblade 2, Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and more. It was a pretty great show full of insight from developers, but fans recently noticed that it may be teasing more than it appears, and if you're a Quake fan, you'll want to pay attention.

First spotted by Reset Era user JigglesBunny, during the section of the Developer Direct talking about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle (at around the 44 minute and 45 second mark in the video embedded below) the video cuts to a whiteboard that has all kinds of red drawings and diagrams on it. It seems like nobody noticed during the show, but on this whiteboard, you can see what appears to be a very crude Quake symbol, with the letters AKE and the number 6 above it.

If you're a Quake fan, you'll more than likely be wondering how the heck this is a tease for Quake 6 when we haven't even had a Quake 5 yet. It's a valid question, and one that we don't really have a confirmed answer to. Others users in the Reset Era thread speculate that Quake 6 could just be an internal name being used at Bethesda for an unannounced Quake game, or that Quake 5 was the internal name for either Enemy Territory: Quake Wars or Quake Champions, which were released in 2007 and 2017 respectively.

Either way, this is undoubtedly a reference to Quake of some kind. It also seems rather unlikely that this was included by Xbox as an accident, given that it's such a deliberate camera shot. We've seen some wild stuff in the games industry over the years, but Bethesda accidentally leaking Quake 6 because it willingly allowed someone to film a whiteboard full of secrets feels a bit too ridiculous, especially with how secretive big publishers are these days.

There's also the fact that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will release in less than a year, and we don't actually know what else developer MachineGames has in the pipeline. Having worked on Wolfenstein, MachineGames feels like the perfect studio to give us another single-player Quake game again, but we're beginning to venture into the realms of wishful thinking instead of cold hard facts. I'm sure we'll get more info on this new mystery Quake game when Xbox is ready to share.

Until then, we have some pretty cool game to look forward to from Xbox, including Hellblade 2 and Avowed. While we only have a release window and a very cool bit of box art for the latter, we did finally get a release date for Hellblade 2, which will launch on May 21 later this year.

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