Palworld Dev Says Steam and Xbox Differences Are Due to Certification

Pocketpair’s Palworld is doing very well, ranking third in Steam’s all-time peak concurrent player records and selling over five million copies in three days. However, those playing on Xbox Series X/S have noticed significant differences from the Steam version. As pointed out by Windows Central, you can’t name your character or rename pals, the crafting is slower and more.

It’s to the extent that there isn’t even an Exit button to leave the game. As it turns out, the differences are due to different version numbers. “On Steam, applied two days ago. On Xbox, sitting in the MS certification queue,” said community manager Bucky on Pocketpair’s Discord regarding a hotfix.

Regarding feature parity, they said, “Some of these things will take extra time…we’re really at the mercy of the certification here. We’re desperately trying to speed this up.” However, issues like the lack of an Exit button aren’t because of an older build on Xbox. It instead comes down to completely different versions of the game.

“Issues like the missing exit game button are not a result of an ‘older build.’ These are separate issues. Steam and Xbox will likely never have identical version numbers until the games are brought to be cross-play compatible because, at that point, they will be the same game internally.

“Again, that doesn’t mean Xbox is necessarily ‘behind’ or anything. They are fundamentally two different versions of the game because the architecture on Xbox is different,” they replied. Palworld is out now for Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can download the latest Palworld Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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glad they got that cleared up


Soon im sure we'll have an Xbox portable or hand held