New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Rumored to Take After Fall Guys

Over the years, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has had all kinds of spin-offs. Whether the Sonic team is joining Mario and his crew at the Olympics, getting into pinball, or hitting the track for some good, old-fashioned racing, the publishers at Sega aren't afraid to let the Blue Blur stretch his legs. A recent rumor claims that the series is taking things in a completely new direction by aping the gameplay of Fall Guys. While there's no official word and details are very light, this rumored Sonic the Hedgehog game could be a ton of fun.

This rumor comes from Midori on Twitter. While not known for leaking Sonic games, they have been a solid source for Persona leaks in the past. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take this rumor with a hefty grain of salt, but it does speak to them having insight into Sega and how it operates.

The rumor claims that there will be a new Sonic spin-off for mobile devices later this year. It's possible that it could eventually come to consoles at a later date, but it looks like iOS and Android will be the focus for launch. The rumor also claims that it will feature gameplay that is "similar to Fall Guys." Without anything else to go on, it's hard to predict exactly what the team is taking from Fall Guys, but that most likely means it will be heavily mini-game-focused.

This wouldn't be the first time Sonic tried to put out a mini-game collection. When Mario Party was near its height, Sega tried its hand with Sonic Shuffle on the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, it wasn't very successful and the team hasn't ever revisited it. Of course, the Mario and Sonic series features a bevy of Olympic Games-themed mini-games, but that's a bit different from your standard mini-game-based party game. Hopefully, this attempt is more successful than Sega's previous attempts.

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feels like they're releasing games every week ffs LMAO


Dang they just keep them on coming with the sonic games