PS4 Saw Higher Software Sales Than Xbox Series X/S in Europe Last Year

We’re more than three and a half years past the launch of the PS5, but it seems its predecessor is still posting stronger numbers than most would have expected at this stage. In fact, software sales for Sony’s last-gen console were actually higher than software sales for Microsoft’s current gen duo of Xbox Series X and S in Europe.

As per data released by the GSD (via GamesIndustry), in Europe, PS4 ranked fourth across all platforms (behind PC, PS5, and Nintendo Switch) for software sales throughout all of 2023, with Xbox Series X/S coming in at No. 5. It’s worth noting, of course, that the availability of a large number of Xbox titles on Game Pass likely does have an impact on traditional game sales.

Interestingly, hardware sales for the PS4 saw a staggering 671% increase in Europe last year, thanks to improvements in the console’s supply line after having been in short supply during 2022. Its software sales were down from last year though, as opposed to Xbox Series X/S, which saw higher game sales than in 2022.

Meanwhile, PS5 saw a 177% increase in hardware sales, thanks once again to improved supply, while the Nintendo Switch saw a 10% decrease from what it managed in 2022.

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I find PS4/5 are a better console than XS X/S tbh

the look, the feel, the features etc are perfect


This is cause Xbox is trash


Ps5 I would believe but a ps4 is just crazy lol