Palworld Developer Working on PvP, Player Trading, Building Updates

Pocketpair’s Palworld is available in early access, amassing nearly 300,000 concurrent players on Steam (now at 358,867). In a new Steam post, the developer revealed that the project started with only four developers, gradually growing over its three-year development period.

“Developers who sympathized with Palworld gathered one after another, and the scale of the game grew far beyond what we ever imagined.” As for what’s next, Pocketpair confirmed that it’s working to implement PvP and cross-platform play while adding more Pals over time. Along with PvP and the Arena, it revealed major updates coming to the building system, trading with other players and even a raid boss that guild members must cooperate to defeat.

Palworld is playable on PC and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also available on Game Pass. You can download the latest Palworld Cheats and trainers for free from WeMod.

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already doing great, this will certainly be a GOTY fr


Player trading will be really awesome to see added !