Tekken 8 – Lee Chaolan Showcased in New Character Trailer

The character trailers for Tekken 8 continue, with Bandai Namco showcasing Lee Chaolan in the latest. Aside from Tekken 3, Lee has appeared in almost every Tekken game. Raised by Heihachi Mishima, he now opposes Kazuya’s tyrannical quest for world domination. Check out his moves below.

Though trained in Mishima Style Fighting Karate, Lee uses Martial Arts, combining different techniques into a single style. He’s still very good at poking and counter hits, while Hitman stance improves his dodging abilities. His Rage Art is an explosive that detonates into a beautiful rose – straightforward but elegant.

Tekken 8 is out on January 26th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

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not a fan for this character tbh


They seem to have a lot of characters this game