New Elden Ring Update Has Fans on High Alert

A new update associated with Elden Ring has fans on high alert when it comes to news on the action title's long-awaited DLC. Nearly one year ago, FromSoftware announced that it was working on Shadow of the Erdtree, which would be a new expansion for Elden Ring. In the time since this announcement, absolutely no new information on Shadow of the Erdtree has come about, which has been quite puzzling to fans. Luckily, if a recent move behind the scenes is any indication, it looks like major news linked to Elden Ring might be dropping shortly.

Spotted on SteamDB, a new update has recently been made to Elden Ring's Steam page in the game's DLC section. This update isn't one that fans can actually download right now, but it's instead a move that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have made on their own end for one reason or another. Given that this update is tied to the DLC aspect of Elden Ring, it leads fans to believe that Shadow of the Erdtree could be releasing incredibly soon.

Even if Elden Ring's DLC weren't to outright launch soon, it's quite feasible that news on the expansion will emerge in the near future. As mentioned, it has been nearly one full year since Shadow of the Erdtree was revealed, which is quite a long time for Bandai Namco to go without sharing any additional details. Given that this update to Elden Ring on Steam lines up with previous leaks and rumors which have suggested that Shadow of the Erdtree will release in February, it's starting to seem as though this launch window could be legitimate. For the time being, though, this entire situation remains nothing more than speculation until official word comes down from Bandai Namco.

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DLC needs to be awesome after the one year wait fr


They need to focus on the DLCs and expansions people been really waiting for


Still need to play i bought it and never played