Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Teaser Once Again Teases Tifa's Death

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth just dropped a new trailer ahead of the game's launch on February 29, once again readying us for heartbreak. We see Tifa falling, face full of shock, as Cloud bellows out her name in horror. Square Enix knows we're worried about her taking [REDACTED's] place and the new footage only adds fuel to the fire.

In the original Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth skewers Aerith, killing her in what is one of the most devastating scenes in the series. It's a moment we're going to retread in the remake, but given that history is being rewritten and fate is changing in real-time, it might not be Aerith that ends up on the chopping block.

Last month, Square Enix said that it will come as a shock to old and new players alike. "The way we have depicted it brings about a new emotion and a new feeling for both players who have played the original Final Fantasy 7 and newcomers. I was able to do what I truly wanted to show in this title."

There are a bunch of theories about what this all means - Cloud taking Aerith's place, with Zack as the new lead; Tifa dying as Cloud and Aerith fall in love; or simply doubling down, with Aerith falling to Sepiroph once again. Whatever the case, Square Enix is keenly aware that we're all sitting on the edge of our seats, anticipating this pivotal moment.

There have been theories that the multiple timelines will be used to bring people back to life, letting whoever dies in that moment return, but Tetsuya Nomura stresses that whoever kicks the bucket isn't coming back.

"Prior to Final Fantasy 7, there have been other titles where characters have experienced tragedy, but many of them have come back or been revived in some way, "Nomura said. "But I believe that loss is something that happens unexpectedly, and it's not something so dramatic or drawn out, but is something in which a person that you have just conversed with is suddenly gone and never to come back."

Furthering this sentiment is the absence of the Whispers, who will not return in Rebirth or interfere with the plot. The changes have been set in motion, now. They will not undo who dies, so if Trifa truly is to take Aerith's place, we won't see her again.

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why Tifa's death? She's the best character in the game ffs


Big characters deaths though make games and shows and the story good !