Gears of War Remastered Collection Rumored to Be Finished at Xbox

A new rumor has claimed that Xbox's long-rumored remaster of many Gears of War games from the past is now finished. For a period of multiple years now, rumors have continued to suggest that Xbox and developer The Coalition may look to release a number of remastered Gears of War titles from the past in a single package that would almost certainly include Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and Gears of War 3. While Xbox itself has never indicated that such a collection might be in the pipeline, that hasn't kept the rumor mill from churning out new information once again.

According to Middleagegameguy, this Gears of War remastered collection has actually wrapped up its initial development. During the latest episode of the XNC Podcast, the insider said that those within Xbox are now in the process of testing the Gears of War remaster and that the games contained in the bundle will all be seen within Unreal Engine 5. Other than this, it's not known when Xbox might look to release the collection, but it was said definitively that this remaster is very much "real".

Obviously, given that this is just another rumor in a long string associated with such a Gears of War collection, be sure to take what has been expressed here with the typical grain of salt. Given how long it has now been since Gears 5, it would make a fair bit of sense for Xbox and The Coalition to release some new remasters of older games to help bridge the gap to the inevitable Gears 6. Additionally, one prominent developer at The Coalition teased in recent weeks that 2024 could bring with it news associated with the Gears of War franchise. Still, until we hear more in an official capacity from Xbox, don't expect this to be legitimate just yet.

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remastering a trashy franchise ffs LMAO


We don't want anything new Gears of war games they are dead asf. Now a movie or tv series would be dope !