Forza Motorsport’s Next Update Will Add Daytona International Speedway

Turn 10 Studios recently spoke in detail about the areas of Forza Motorsport where it’s looking to prioritize fixes and improvements to address criticism from the community, but alongside that, the developer, is, of course, also continuing to work on the racing sim’s monthly updates and the new content they bring. In a new trailer, the developer has offered a look at the next update.

First and foremost, update 4, which will roll out on January 16, will add Daytona International Speedway to the game’s roster of tracks, including two distinct layouts with the 2.5-mile Tri-oval Circuit and the 3.59-mile Sports Car Circuit. Meanwhile, a new Featured Tour will also be added to Career Mode in the form of Italian Challenger, which will let players “discover how Italian cars became an unquestionable staple of the automotive industry”.

Beyond that, the update will also bring new Spotlight cars, Car Pass updates, Open Tour events and rewards, Featured Multiplayer events, Rivals events, and more. Turn 10 Studios will also be releasing details on the fixes that Update 4 will bring.

Forza Motorsport is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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yeah, keep this trash on the xbox and pc


More and more boring content for a crap racing game