Elden Ring Collectible May Hint at DLC Release Date

New collectibles associated with FromSoftware's Elden Ring has fans thinking that news tied to the action game's DLC could be coming soon. Nearly one year ago, FromSoftware announced Shadow of the Erdtree, which was a new expansion for 2022's critically-acclaimed Elden Ring. Upon its announcement, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco didn't say anything definitive about the DLC and its potential release, and this hasn't changed in the months since. Now, with fans hungry for news on Shadow of the Erdtree, some are believing that an upcoming release tethered to Elden Ring could also pave the way for this expansion to finally see the light of day.

Recently, Pure Arts teased that it will begin releasing a new collectible of some sort for Elden Ring in February 2024. This announcement didn't mention that the collectible would be launching in tandem with Shadow of the Erdtree, but that didn't prevent fans from speculating that these releases could line up with one another. As for Pure Arts, the collectibles company has said that it will share more details "soon" about this Elden Ring item that it will soon begin selling.

One reason why this collectible's launch could actually line up with the release of the Elden Ring DLC is based on a previous rumor. This past month, a new leak came about that indicated Shadow of the Erdtree could be releasing in February 2024. Obviously, this window is very quickly approaching and those at FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have yet to even subtly indicate that Elden Ring will be getting some major news in the near future. As such, if Shadow of the Erdtree were to release this coming month, this ongoing silence wouldn't be able to continue for much longer.

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May hint?

please let there be a DLC ffs


Why are they taking so long just to release a dlc