Sony Acknowledges PlayStation Stars Points Glitch, Fixes Balance

Sony has acknowledged that a PlayStation Stars glitch occurred over the holiday period in December, which affected players’ points balance. Between Christmas and New Year, some players didn’t receive any points for their purchases while others received more points than they should have. Both issues have now been rectified.

Accidentally awarded PlayStation Stars Points have been revoked
Players who previously reported that they didn’t receive any points for their purchases are now receiving delayed notifications, which grants them their missing points. Those who were accidentally awarded more points than they earned have received an email stating that their balance has been corrected.

In cases where players already spent the excess points on PS Store credit or purchases, Sony has placed the PS Stars accounts in a negative balance, which means that players will have to earn back what wasn’t theirs to spend.

“Unfortunately, due to a system error, you were awarded the incorrect number of points,” reads an email from Sony, shared on Reddit. “The error has now been fixed and your points balance has been corrected.” The full email can be viewed below:

Sony has previously revoked licenses for games that were accidentally made available for free on the PS Store, so this practice is nothing new.

Just got this, to the people that got the glitched points and spent them, what happened?
byu/casualringbearer inplaystationstars

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I seriously need to check my rewards fr


They should have thrown people some free points for the glitch / mess up lol