Classic Halo: Combat Evolved Level Remade in Infinite's Forge

A dedicated Halo Infinite player has shown off their impressive creation, remaking one of Halo: Combat Evolved's most iconic levels in Forge mode. The addition of AI to Forge mode in Halo Infinite has been a game-changer, opening up the possibilities for creators like never before.

Forge mode has been a staple of the Halo series ever since its debut in 2007's Halo 3. While those initial tools were pretty barebones and required plenty of workarounds to reach their full power, it was clear that there was a ton of potential. With every subsequent release from both Bungie and 343 Industries, those tools have only grown in power and complexity, and the community has risen to the challenge each time. One player even spent 1400 hours recreating a classic map in Halo Infinite's Forge, which shows how much depth these tools have.

The amazing creation was shown off by Redditor nicko2407, a full recreation of Halo: Combat Evolved's Assault on the Control Room mission, complete with enemy AI in Halo Infinite. Gameplay shown includes vehicle combat, one of the defining features of the level, as well as co-op play, with the remake supporting up to four players. The campaign in Halo: Combat Evolved has no shortage of iconic levels that hold up to this day, so it's interesting to see how one of the greatest of all holds up in Halo Infinite's modern sandbox.

Since the release of AI for Forge mode, the recreation of previous campaign maps has been a hot topic for the community. The fact that it's now possible at all means that there will always be players willing to try their hand, and nicko2407 isn't the first. Another dedicated gamer recently recreated an iconic Halo 3 mission in Forge mode, and presumably, it will reach a point one day when every level from previous Halo titles is playable in the newest title.

While Halo Infinite's community remains strong thanks to robust Forge tools and consistently strong updates from 343 Industries, plans for future games in the franchise remain unclear. Some feel that it's time for Halo to hit the reset button with a reboot that goes back to basics, especially given the increasingly complex sandbox seen in recent titles. As one of the most iconic franchises of all time, hopefully 343 Industries can figure out the right path for Halo. The post-launch support given to Infinite has certainly been a big step in the right direction, and fans can only hope that it will continue.

Assault on the Control Room recreated in Infinite's forge
byu/nicko2407 inhalo

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they need to make the game better fr


Not played halo in years might have a go


The things that are done in forge mode are insane!


I've seen them make some pretty impressive stuff with the forge