Smite 2 dev explains why skins won’t carry over

Skins from Smite won’t carry over to Smite 2, the game’s developer has confirmed.

Announced during the Smite keynote at the Smite World Championships, developer Titan Forge explained why it decided to start fresh with the sequel.

“Existing content from Smite 1, will not directly translate to Smite 2, but don’t worry, just because your content doesn’t directly transfer doesn’t mean we’re not rewarding our loyal players in Smite 2 for their time, money, and accomplishments,” said exec producer Travis Brown.

Titan Forge claims that each skin takes around “two months” to transfer from Smite on Unreal 3 to Smite 2 on Unreal 5, which the studio credits as the reason for skins not transferring to the new game. The game has over 1600 skins, which Titan Forge claims would take over 246 years to port.

Titan Forge also detailed the Legacy Gems system. Players will be given Legacy Gems equivalent to the number of Gems they spent in Smite 1.

Legacy Gems can be used to pay for 50% of “most” in-game purchases in Smite 2. Players who purchase any of the Smite 2 founders packs will be given double the amount of legacy gems they are eligible for.

Smite 2 was announced during the Smite World Championships from Arlington, Texas.

The multiplayer battle arena sequel will arrive on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. While no release date was given, the game will enter closed alpha testing in spring 2024.

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