T-Pain Confirms He's Working On GTA 6

Faheem Rashad Najm, also known by his songwriter name T-Pain, has seemingly confirmed that he has some kind of role in Grand Theft Auto 6 and that his involvement in the game is the reason why he doesn't play on GTA RP servers anymore.

As anyone who has seen Ned Luke dodge questions about Micheal de Santa returning in GTA 6 will know, getting anyone to admit that they're working on the game and potentially break Rockstar's infamously ironclad embargoes is like getting blood out of a stone. That is, unless they decide to randomly reveal it themselves.

That's exactly what has happened with singer-songwriter T-Pain who, as showcased by Twitter user SnythPotato, decided to reveal that he's working in some capacity on GTA 6. The clip was taken from T-Pain's recent Twitch stream, where he was asked by a viewer why he no longer appears on the GTA RP server, NoPixel.

In response, T-Pain revealed that he used to be on the server and had a "good time" with it, but that he was told by Rockstar that he wasn't allowed to play on it anymore after he started working on GTA 6. T-Pain says that they "had a whole speech" about people taking his album and rerecording it for NoPixel, and that more players might listen to that than his versions in the next GTA game.

T-Pain expressed some annoyance with this decision, especially considering Rockstar Games then decided to hire the team behind FiveM and RedM. That must have been a bit of a pain considering he was just told he can't be involved in those roleplaying servers, but at least he's got some kind of role in the next big GTA to make up for it.

"I used to be on NoPixel. Then I started working on GTA 6 and they told me that I couldn't do RP anymore because it goes against - they had this whole speech like what if someone took your whole album and rerecorded it and more people were listening to that - I was like okay, I kind of get that but I was having a good time."

Considering how secretive Rockstar Games is about GTA 6 and pretty much any project that it develops, it's very unlikely that T-Pain was supposed to reveal his involvement in GTA 6. It's not clear what kind of role he's going to have in the game, but it's possible that he's either making new music for it, acting as a radio DJ, or even appearing as an in-game character that the player can interact with.

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oh yeah, great music for the game


Lots of good music by sounds of it


The radio selection in this one is going to be crazy and lots of good artists