Sail Forth is free to claim this week on the Epic Games Store

It's clear the Epic Games Store is not planning to end its free games promotion anytime soon. Just as the 2023 holiday giveaway festival comes to an end, with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy as a finale no less, 2024's giveaways have officially begun rolling out. Now, PC gamers can grab Sail Forth, and the store is giving them one whole week to claim the copy and keep it forever.

Developed by Festive Vector, Sail Forth lets players have an adventure across the ocean on their very own sailboat. Here, there are fisherfolk to take as crewmates, pirates to defeat, and solve an ancient mystery deep under the sea.

Players can also build and customize ships of their choice in this single-player entry, and to afford upgrades, there will be plenty of treasure-seeking, from shipwrecks to giant clams. Here's how the developer describes the mystery surrounding the story as well as the sailing systems of this indie title:

Fathom a Mystery!
Join forces with the myriad inhabitants of this watery world to uncover a terrible secret buried in the depths of the Deepblue.

Reel in a big one with the salty Anglerwranglers, learn the secret spyspeak of the Croaker Command Corps, save the sea life of the Moontiders, capture picturesque memories with a mysterious “camera” device, and much more.

Inspire the finefolk from all over to work as one world-spanning crew to save the seas and the planet.

Sail Forth into Adventure!
Tack and jibe and heave and cut with a sail and wind system designed with enough attention to realistic sailing physics to excite naval enthusiasts while also remaining deeply accessible to anyone and everyone.

Sail through stormy swells and serene sunsets in a dynamic and breathtaking day-night weather system.

Bask in the beauty of the benevolent ocean waters in Free Sail mode where the only goal is the ever-moving horizon.

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free games from the epic store are always welcomed


Cant say I will be claiming it but dope on another free game