Smite 2 Announced Nearly 10 Years Later

Smite is one of the big MOBAs people are most familiar with alongside others like Dota 2 and League of Legends, and soon, the game will have a sequel for its many players to migrate to. Titan Forge Games announced Smite 2 this week following a blip of a leak that first saw the name of the game shared online to indicate that a sequel was on the way. Several questions regarding the differences between Smite and Smite 2 and cosmetic queries were answered, too, alongside news of a first alpha test for the game that's planned for some time in Spring 2024.

Though we don't yet know the full details on Smite 2, if you've played Smite, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the game. Some content you have from Smite will carry over, though not all of it will. For things that don't, Titan Forge Games said it has a plan in place to reward players.

Why Smite 2?

But before getting to that, Titan Forge Games had an answer for what most players were probably wondering: why release Smite 2? Why not just overhaul the existing Smite and keep adding new content?

The biggest reason, it seems, is to embrace Unreal Engine 5 and all its benefits it offers. Smite, for context, was built on Unreal Engine 3, so the change should be a massive leap for the sequel.

"SMITE is an amazing game, loved by millions, that is built on a technical foundation that is now well over a decade old," Titan Forge Games said in an FAQ shared after the trailer and the announcement itself. "This technical debt holds back what SMITE can be, from graphics to UI to audio to god creation and so much more. SMITE's Unreal Engine 3 is not directly compatible with Unreal Engine 5, and there was no path to upgrade what we had without completely rebuilding. SMITE 2 starts from scratch and rebuilds SMITE to bring it into the modern age."

Smite 2 should feel like the original Smite while being "strictly better," the creators said. The game itself is being developed by a team at Titan Forge Games and will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms with full cross-play enabled, though cross-progression confirmation is still waiting approval from platform partners.

Will Smite Content Carry Over to Smite 2?
So, what happens to everything you have in Smite when Smite 2 releases? "Most" content will not carry over, Titan Forge Games said. However, players will be rewarded via two new systems: Legacy Gems, and Divine Legacy. The former is used to pay for "50% of the price of most in-game purchases" like battle passes and skins while Divine Legacy is a progression-based system that wards you with points based on your god mastery and ranked performance among other things. Divine Legacy lets players get free skins, badges, and other rewards.

For those uninterested in any of this who plan to keep on playing Smite as if Smite 2 was never announced, you'll be able to do just that. Titan Forge Games said Smite 2 will not replace Smite and that the original game will continue to be supported with updates.

Smite 2 is still in pre-alpha development now, though an alpha is planned for Spring 2024.

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glad they've decided to release a sequel onto UE5


First must have done pretty good to not announce another for 10 years