Silent Hill 2 Remake Update Coming ‘Very Soon,’ Says Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 remake developer Bloober Team has told stakeholders to expect an update on the game “very soon.” Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno was quizzed about the game at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in response to which he said that Konami‘s marketing and promotional activities should kick off shortly.

Should fans expect Silent Hill 2 remake update at the rumored PlayStation State of Play?
Babieno reiterated to stakeholders (via that Silent Hill 2’s remake is a work-for-hire project for Bloober, and its promotional activities are the responsibility of publisher Konami. This is something Bloober previously told fans in an official statement after they expressed concerns about the developer’s silence.

While we don’t know what “very soon” means here, it’s worth nothing that a rumor recently emerged that Sony has a PlayStation State of Play planned for the coming weeks. Considering Silent Hill 2 remake is a timed PS5 console exclusive, there’s a possibility we’ll see something at the upcoming event. That said, fans should keep their expectations in check because recent State of Play events have largely focused on smaller third-party projects, with Sony reserving the PlayStation Blog for major announcements.

All eyes and ears on both Sony and Konami!

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release it already ffs

all this nonsense mentioning it nearly every day


I think this is getting to much hype around it