Vampire Survivors Offers Updates on PlayStation Version

2023 was a very big year for Vampire Survivors, and there's still a lot more content to come. Now that 2024 is underway, Vampire Survivors developer creator Luca Galante has offered a handful of updates on things that are in the works. In a blog post on the game's Steam page, Galante revealed how things are progressing for online co-op, cross-saves, the animated series, and support more platforms. At this time, Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. That leaves just one major platform missing: PlayStation.

In the blog post, Galante states that he's well-aware of the demand to see the game on more platforms but "we're also keen on doing the ports ourselves, one at a time, and that takes time." While the developer would not reveal which platform the game will be releasing on next, he did note that it will be "the most obvious one." Considering the fact that fans on social media have been begging to see Vampire Survivors on PlayStation, that would be the safest bet. Unfortunately, it sounds like they might be waiting a while. The blog post notes that the team can't simply hire more people to get more ports done, because Galante wants Poncle to "grow organically."

Online Co-op and Cross-Saves
Ports aren't the only thing that seem to be taking some time. Galante says the team is "still investigating" online co-op, and "things are looking promising." However, Poncle is not making any promises in regards to the feature, referring to it as a "huge challenge." For the time being, fans will just have to enjoy local co-op and hope for the best.

Thankfully, the state of cross-saves seems to be coming along much quicker. A quality-of-life update is being planned for the game in February, and the goal is to launch a public beta simultaneously. For the time being, this will only be applicable to the Steam and Android versions of Vampire Survivors, but it's a nice start for those hoping to play on different platforms.

Vampire Survivors Animated Series
Last year, it was announced that a Vampire Survivors animated series is in development from Story Kitchen. Things have been quiet since than, which Galante attributes to the "various strikes" last year. However, more news will be coming in 2024, and Galante has expressed excitement about the partnership. Apparently, Poncle "received a lot of proposals to collaborate on cross-media projects" but opted to wait until they had someone that had "good ideas, creativity, and that quirky knowledge of the game." After finding a partner in Story Kitchen, it seems things are heading in a positive direction, and it will be interesting to see how the animated series handles the source material!

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the fun certainly never ends with this game


To me this is just an indie mobile type game lol