Mario vs. Donkey Kong Trailer Confirms New Content and Casual Mode

A new trailer is available for Nintendo’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance classic coming to Nintendo Switch. It promises over 130 levels and showcases the new content. Check it out below.

Two new worlds – Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit – have been added with new enemies and themes. They also offer new Plus and Expert Levels for additional challenges. There’s also a new Time Attack for players to compete for the best time. While the Classic style of play remains, a new Casual option is available, providing more room for error.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong launches on February 16th for Nintendo Switch. As a spiritual successor to Donkey Kong, it sees Mario retrieving mini-Marios from his long-time rival. Unlike traditional Mario platformers, players must solve puzzles and avoid obstacles to gather keys, open doors and even guide mini-Marios, eventually culminating in boss fights with Donkey Kong.

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always welcome new content and modes fr


Never was a fan to ouch of the Mario or kiddy games