Forza Motorsport's Message to the Community Isn't Going Over Well

The developers of Forza Motorsport has issued a response to player concerns, but many fans are not impressed by the statement. Since its release in October 2023, Forza Motorsport has displayed many major issues and received massive amounts of feedback and complaints from disappointed players. With so much backlash lingering, fans have been waiting to see substantial changes or at least hear from the developers about the game’s future.

Many of the issues with Forza Motorsport come from its instability and core gameplay features. Players have struggled with bugs and crashes, only to be left disappointed by the game’s progression, upgrade system, and career mode. To upgrade their vehicles, players are forced to grind through the process of leveling, which was designed to be an incredibly long and unrewarding process. Players were also disappointed to find that Forza Motorsport is missing fan-favorite features that previous titles contained. Paired with in-game AI vehicle issues, inconsistent graphics quality, and errors regarding race regulations, many fans find the game to be lackluster in comparison to similar titles and even past Forza games.

Turn 10 Studios has issued a statement to address the generally negative response, offering direct attention to major issues such as Forza Motorsport's AI vehicle problems, car progression, and race regulations. In the post to the Forza website, the developers share plans for resolving these key issues and promise to begin closely communicating with fans about future updates and issues. According to the statement, these three issues are top priorities for the team in 2024, and the studio explains it is working to collect more data and feedback in order to proceed with major fixes.

While it is generally appreciated that the developers acknowledged the shortcomings of the game, many fans are disappointed by the content of the statement. Players are disheartened that this statement comes so long after the game’s initial release and yet does not seem to display actionable items pointing to real promising changes. Additionally, the lack of a roadmap or plans for future updates has left fans feeling as if their genuine complaints have been met with potentially empty but bold promises from Turn 10 Studios. However, some fans are optimistic that their complaints have been heard and are still hoping for the best from Forza.

While fans are reasonably disappointed with the outcome of Forza Motorsport, it remains to be seen whether their complaints about the developer statement will be justified. As game development is a difficult process to place a timer on, it may be that the developers are allowing for apt time to address these major gameplay issues without the need to rush into shoddy patches to meet expected deadlines. Seeing as the biggest complaints are major features and not simple bugs, the solutions are not as easily available and require much more intensive research and work to address properly. However, it remains to be seen if Forza Motorsport’s team will truly work to fix the experience for its fans, or if players are rightfully weary of the developers' promises.

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the devs are probably getting sick of this trash franchise lmao


Don't mean to be negative but these forza games are really bad