Tekken 8 – Panda Showcased in New Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco already confirmed that Tekken 8 would see the return of Panda, and now it’s revealed some new gameplay for the adorable fighter. Perhaps the best part is her interaction with Ling Xiaoyu as the two ponder what to eat for lunch. Check it out below.

Similar to Kuma, Panda is more difficult to hit than other characters due to a unique hitbox and can unleash Hunting Bear Stance for big damage. Her low-reach kicks are also weak, but she makes up for it with strong punishes on whiffs. And yes, that is a beach ball she uses to smack her opponent.

Tekken 8 launches on January 26th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. A free demo is available now for all platforms, offering a brief look at Story Mode and Arcade Quest while featuring three stages and four playable characters. Check out the “Story So Far” trailer to catch up on the plot, hosted by Brian Cox of Succession fame.

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always love to see the exotic animals in the fighting games like this lmao


Such a random but funny character to have