Lethal Company creator teases lots of new creatures and map variation

Big things are coming to Lethal Company down the line - namely, "lots of new creatures and map variation."

That's according to solo developer Zeekerss, writing in a new Steam blog post for Lethal Company. In addition to revealing the fairly hefty contents for Lethal Company update 47, the developer takes a moment to look to the future and outline what's in store for the big update 50.

"I've been taking a break, catching up on movies, and writing and drawing, so this update isn't too crazy but has lots of little things," Zeekerss begins, writing about the current update. We can't help but wonder what horrific movies the creator of Lethal Company is watching to chill out.

"In Version 50 I hope to add lots of new creatures and map variation. (However, since there are big changes in my life, I might not be able to work on it as quickly as I worked on Version 45)," the Lethal Company developer concludes. Solo development of a multiplayer game must be a tough enough task without "big changes" going on in one's life.

Zeekerss obviously doesn't commit to any specifics surrounding the "new creatures" coming to Lethal Company with update 50. Given that the horror shooter already boasts some truly terrifying spiders - so scary that there's an option to reduce them to placeholder text - who knows what monstrosities are on the horizon.

The news has been met with a warm reception from Lethal Company's players. "Awesome, can't wait to see what you got in store for the future of this game," writes one Steam user. "Thanks Zeekerss for the update, cant wait to see what else you have in store for this game," adds another. Another user asks when "fat furries" will be added, to which we have no answer.

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be great to see a lot of new creatures and maps fr


Always fun when games like this get new maps