New Harry Potter Games Teased by Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy has sold 22 million copies, making it the best-selling game of 2023. Suffice to say, it should come as no surprise that WB Games is now very interested in making more games in the series, something it was not previously interested in for a long time. It is very safe to assume one of these games is a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy. Meanwhile, we also know Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is in the works. But what else could WB Games be brewing up?

According to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad, there is "a series of other things" currently unannounced in the works involving video games and Harry Potter that "will let the fans be part of this world and stories and characters in deeper and deeper ways."

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the tease, but it's one that should not be taken lightly as the aforementioned commercial feat of Hogwarts Legacy and some news quotes from Haddad suggest he is very eager to explore Harry Potter more.

"It's not just the unit sold that I'm so proud of, it's just that it delighted the fans so much," said Haddad while speaking about Hogwarts Legacy. "It brought Harry Potter to life in a new way for gamers where they could be themselves in this world, in this story. And that's what the team at Avalanche set out to do when they were developing the game and I think that's really why it resonated so well and remains the best-selling game of the year in the entire industry worldwide. That's a position that typically is held by one of these incumbent's sequel games and we're so proud that we've been able to break into the top ranks."

When we will hear about these mystery projects, who knows. Haddad doesn't even provide any kind of timeline for Quidditch Champions, which may suggests these projects themselves are in the early stages. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if this will all be big budget console games, as you would have to imagine there could be some mobile releases in this planning as well.

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absolutely will be cool to get more HP games fr


I would love to see more games coming from Harry Potter!


Im so for it ! We've been needed more Harry Potter world games !